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    Welcome to Sayang School

    Our Vision

    We guide our children to reach thier dreams by creating environment where each kids feels confident and special



    Our Goal

    We focus on each student’s creativity and achievement.

    We teach the students to be hard working and capable to work in a team.

    We make learning fun for each student.

    We develop the children’s awareness, confidence and empathy.

    About School


    We teach children our values:

    S – Self Dicipline

    A – Academic Excelence

    Y – Yearn to Learn

    A – Artistic and Creative

    N – Never Give Up

    G – Growing In Confidence

    The Staff

    The Teacher

    Montessori Curriculum

    (For Toddler up to KINDERGARTEN 2)

    Sayang School use Montessori Curriculum starting for academic year 2018-2019.

    Sayang School offers World Standard Montessori curriculum designed by Madame Montessori.

    Montessori Curriculum designed to nurture and develop your child’s creativity, independence, self confidence and self learning.

    Your child also get strong foundation in Mathematics, Science and Practical Life Skills.

    What is Montessori Curriculum?

    Montessori Curriculum has five areas to learn.

    The Students learn about:

    • Practical Life
      The Child will learn how to engage into daily life activities. It is important skills to develop the motoric skills, concentration, creativity, and independence.
    • Sensorial Arts
      The Child can develop their abilty to differentiate colors, dimension, sound, smell, touch, sensitifity. The child learn about observation skills to the object
    • Language (English, Chinese and Bahasa Indonesia)
      The child learn about sounds, phoenics,pronounciation, listening, reading and writing,into different languages. It is good to stimulate and expression in their communciation skills
    • Mathematics
      The child learn how to count and they use concrete materials to numeracy awareness. It is good for basic Maths and they learn problem solving as well
    • Cultural Arts (Geography, History, Botany, Zoology, Science, Music, and Arts
      The child learn basic of nature. It will develop the students to practice in science, history and learn other countries cultures. We also combined Montessori Curriculum with Art & Crafts, Music & Movement, Physical Education, Outdoor Experiential Learning and CCA

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